Stand Mixer


  • Powerful 800W 5.5L Stand Food Mixer 
  • 6 Speed Settings for Full Mixing Control 
  • Large Capacity Bowl with Locking Mechanism
  • Includes 4 Attachments and Splash Guard 

Speed through all types of baking tasks such as kneading, beating, and whisking with the Andrew James 5.5 Stand Mixer. Featuring a powerful 800W motor, this handy machine makes blending ingredients a breeze compared to mixing with a handheld device. Revolutionise how you approach your baking. 

The 4 attachments that are included can tackle any baking task. The flexible beater with a silicone edging can be used for most tasks, and we have also included a stainless steel beater, dough hook, and balloon whisk. 

What Can I Use the Flexible Silicone Beater for?
Scrape every drop of batter from the sides with this attachment. This particular attachment is perfect for thorough mixing of cake and biscuit batter, buttercream and frosting, and pastry. 

What about the Stainless Steel Beater?
With the stainless steel beater, you can tackle crepe or sponge mixtures that are heavy but not so heavy that you need the dough hook. 

The Dough Hook?
This one is ideal for tackling heavy mixtures such as bread or shortcrust pastry. Select this attachment when you fancy making delicious pizza for the perfect night in. 

And the Balloon Whisk? 
Along with churning butter, the balloon whisk works very well for particularly light mixtures such as cream, egg whites, and blancmange. You can also fold ingredients into your mixture easily as well as for short bursts to avoid overprocessing. 

What Can I Make in My Stand Mixer?
A variety of cakes, Yorkshire puddings, batter for fried fish, pizza dough, brownies, sauces, doughnuts.  You can also make noodles using both the [dough hook attachment] and also our meat grinder

Any Tips?
We recommend mixing in your dry ingredients together first with a spatula so there is minimal dust when you turn on your stand mixer. Also, make sure that the bowl clicks in place as well as the mixer head when you pull it down. 

Using Your Stand Mixer 
To lift the mixer head, gently depress the mixer head and at the same time, depress the head lock button. The mixer will then rise to the upper locked position. To lower the head, depress the head lock button and gently push the head down to the lower locked position. 

The mixing bowl can be removed by rotating anti-clockwise and lifting it from the base. To fit the bowl securely, locate it on the base and rotate clockwise to lock into position.

Fit the attachments included by aligning the motor drive pins with the attachment, push upwards to compress the spring, and rotate clockwise until it locks firmly. To remove, push up to compress the spring and rotate anti-clockwise. 



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